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Do you have questions about the debt collection claim?

You will find an answer to our most frequently asked questions in the FAQ-section here, and the payment details here.

Our agents are happy to help you both in German and in English. You can call us on 089 24883160 Monday to Friday between 8 – 17, or write to us via the contact form.

You can add an attachment to the message you send us, for example a receipt of your payment. Please note that we support the following file types: pdf, jpg, fig and png.

Phone: 089 24883160
Fax: 089 24883161

Opening hours
Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 17:00

Postal address
Ident Inkasso
Postfach 90 01 62
90492 Nürnberg

Can I handle an errand when the invoice is not in my name?

Please note that we are only allowed to discuss a case with a third party when there is a Power of Attorney present. This means you need the consumer’s written permission and signature.

At the bottom of this page, you can find a form for this purpose which outlines all the required information. It should be printed out and filled in with the consumer. Once completed, it can be scanned in or photographed, and you can then send it back to us using the contact form.

After the Power of Attorney is registered with us, we can handle the case with the authorised party. We will get in touch with you to clear the matter further via email or alternatively ask you to call us for further assistance.


Power of attorney form for download